Sunday Life Hotel


The enchanting indoor and outdoor areas of the restaurant put a spell on even the most demanding of guests. The wooden features and the white cloth drops that decorate the terrace of the restaurant overlooking the Bay as well as the pastel color walls and fine furniture of the indoor area travel you to a world of fine delicacies and dreamy flavors. The restaurant is the proud host for those guests wishing to enjoy their breakfast, lunch and dinner under the warm Cretan sun, the night sky and the lights of the village in the company of fine live music (2-3 nights a week). The doors of the restaurant open for breakfast at 09:00 until 12:00, for lunch at 13:00 until 16:00 and for dinner at 19:00.

Cretan traditional breakfast

Taste Crete on your plate! Freshly squeezed juices, traditional omelets, feta cheese, hand-picked small tomatoes, local yogurt with honey from local bee-keepers, different types of home-made marmalade and freshly baked beak right out of the oven are waiting for our guests and give them the ideal start to their day.

Menu for Lunch & Dinner

Creative Cretan cuisine dishes water our guests’ palates! Freshly cooked in the premises, all of our dishes are made from pure organic products of local farms and fisheries, and carefully selected organic wines of fine quality. Allow to be transported to flavor routes you have never come across before in your life and let us look after you in ways only the famous Cretan hospitality dictates.